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Saphir Medaille D'or colours

Posted by Jok Balingit on 4/7/2016 to Shoe care
We know how hard it is to select a cream and wax polish for your beloved shoes so we've come up with this short guide to help you. Hopefully the colour chart below will help you select the proper colour as well.

  • To maintain the original colour of the shoes, use a colour that matches or is lighter than your shoes.
  • Applying darker polish will darken the finish of your shoes. 
  • You can apply neutral cream to any colour shoes but you are not taking advantage of the full potential of the cream polish. Cream polishes can restore the colour on  scuffed / worn out parts.
  • You can apply neutral wax polish to any colour shoes but this may leave a greyish haze. We always recommend matching the colour of your shoes.



Date: 5/3/2016
Excellent write up! thanks for sharing!
Date: 10/26/2017
Very Useful! Do you by any chance have a picture of it on white leather?
Date: 12/6/2023
Date: 1/12/2024

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