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Here at GTA Shoe Shine, our goal is to make sure that everyone put their best foot forward. We have a variety of services that you can choose from to help you maintain your shoes in their tip-top condition 

All work is painstakingly done by hands. Turn around time is between 1-3 weeks, more for special patina services. 

Shipping both ways will be covered by the customer.
You can also contact us to drop off at one of our locations.

Clean and shine

Treat your shoes to luxury care with "Clean and Shine" - our recommended service for shoes being treated for the first time. We start off by cleaning the entire shoe and removing any existing polishes. This is followed by a healthy dose of Saphir's products to condition the leather. We then finish by carefully and meticulously applying cream and wax polishes, getting your shoes up to showroom beauty and quality. This includes the tongue and the sole as no part of the shoe is spared from this process. This is our most popular service. $50. Boots are $60.

Shoe restoration and shine

Have a pair of shoes that have been neglected and in need of care? We know how it feels to have your shoes scuffed, teared and cut and so we at GTA shoe shine can fix this and revive your shoes. After the shoes has been restored, it will then go through the "clean and shine" service. Starts at $80

Toe and Heel Burnishing 

Have a new pair of shoes and just want the toe and heel burnished? We can do burnish them for you and do our signature shine process. Specifics on the detail of the burnishing can be discussed. The process takes about 2 weeks. Starts at $80.

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