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Vass shoes and Saphir Travel Kit

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Saphir Cream Pommadier Colour help
Saphir Pate deluxe wax colour help
Don't be caught with dirty shoes while travelling this holiday season. Get our GTA Shoe Shine special travel shoe shine kit from Vass and Saphir.
It has everything you need to maintain your shoes. It includes; Vass travel shoe horn
  • Vass horse hair shoe brush
  • Vass suede brush
  • Vass boar bristle brush
  • Vass pommadier brush
  • Vass polishing cloth
  • Vass black shoe laces - fits 3-5 hole shoes
  • Vass brown shoe laces - fits 3-5 hole shoes
  • Choice of one Saphir Cream Pommadier
  • Choice of one Saphir Pate de Luxe

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